Who’s Kristy?

Hi! I’m Kristy.

There are a few things to know about me. 

I am a Hoosier from the Midwest, USA. What exactly is a Hoosier? I still don’t know! But I grew up in Indiana in a small town in the country. During and after college I began traveling the globe, and today, I live in Mae Sot, Thailand – a small city on the border of Thailand and Burma. I’ve called this small piece of the world my home since 2016 and have the privilege of serving with an incredible organization that is focused on business as ministry – specifically empowering the youth and young adults of displaced and oppressed people groups that transcend this border. I love my community here and what I have the opportunity to do each day as a missionary, investing in and discipling young women and mamas!

I am a lover of the creative. Writing, poetry, DIY projects… all have a place in my heart! I love the art of creating and seeing the creativity of others. There is something so life-giving in the creative process and in seeing people unleashed to dream and create from their passions!

I am a daughter and sister. For me, there has to be a moment to pause and brag on my family. I’m so thankful for them! I am who I am because of them! I grew up in a home where family dinners around the table were an every night occurrence, game nights happened often, and supporting and believing in one another was never a question. I’m thankful for the foundation my family has built for me to stand on. I’m thankful for a legacy of parents and grandparents who loved the Lord and believed in a life that pursues after Him.

I am a pursuer of Jesus. I was raised in a Christian home and along the way, I learned to make my faith my own rather than something that was simply handed down to me. The Father’s delight in me, it overwhelms me! The love He has for me, the grace He’s given me, the truth He shows me daily… I am simply awed by Him and His incredible faithfulness and promises!

I am on a journey. The title of this site is “On A Journey Home”… and that’s exactly where I find myself. On a journey home to the Father. It’s a journey that is teaching me to embrace who I am and was created to be, understanding who the Father says I am, and living free from the expectations or pressures of myself or others. I am on a journey – beautiful and messy and everything in between. And I desire to walk this journey home with others!

Let’s stay connected on the journey. You can follow me on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Support me on the journey. I am able to be here in Mae Sot, Thailand, doing what I love and serving this ministry because of incredible supporters and prayer warriors! People who have believed in me, believed in God’s calling on my life and have chosen to invest financially, spiritually and emotionally into this journey. I am unbelievably grateful for the support that’s been given to me. If you would like to join me on this journey as a financial supporter, feel free to send me a message and I’ll get you more info!