From the Pages of My Journal: Proclaiming Promises

“Not one promise from God is empty of power. Nothing is impossible with God!” (Luke 1:37, TPT)

Wow, talk about a good word! Have you ever read something that just sticks with you? I read these words a few weeks back and they have just continued to resonate in my spirit. Their truth is powerful and the peace they bring is unprecedented. The words were this:

Within God’s promises is the power to cause them to come to pass. Every word that flows from Him is infused with the very life of His Spirit. It isn’t only trustworthy, it’s the literal substance of truth. Power for us to wield in the face of opposition. When we take Him at His Word, we’re setting ourselves up for victory. Whether we’re standing on a Scripture, a promise He’s given us through prophecy, or whispers to our hearts, our agreement with Him seals the deal. Sure, He could fix everything without our help, but He’s teaching us the power of walking in harmony with Him. The Lord gives us the opportunity to have a part in our breakthrough. Keep His promises before you. Speak them. Sing them. Remind yourself of every word He’s declared over you. He’s faithful, and what He said is true.

Whispers by Brian Simmons & Gretchen Rodriguez


“Every word that flows from Him is infused with the very life of His Spirit.”


Carrying His promises is like literally carrying the presence and power of God. And His Words never come back void—they never come back to us unfulfilled.

But carrying promises is no easy task. Think of Abraham. He carried a promise from the Lord for 25 years before he even saw the start of it with the birth of his son Isaac. Twenty-five years! And while Abraham didn’t always carry the promise “perfectly”, his faith in the Lord grew so much that when the Lord asked him to lay the promise (Isaac) on the altar as the sacrifice, Abraham obeyed—fully confident in the One who had given him the promise in the first place.

I want to carry promises with that kind of faith. I want HOW I carry the promises of the Lord to lead me to a deeper place of faith, of trust, and of hope in the One who has given them.

If He has promised something, then we need to start believing that He’ll do it! Because He will, and He has now invited us to be a part of seeing that promise fulfilled if only we will join Him in carrying it forward, proclaiming it as truth, and praising Him for what He will do.

We have the opportunity to be a part of our own breakthrough! What an incredible God we serve!

So keep your eyes up. Dig your heels in. Pump your arms more. Do whatever it takes to get yourself moving forward with the Lord—taking Him at His Word and walking as though you believe what He said.

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