You’re Closer than You Know

The faint light of the early morning began to peak through my curtains. The birds chattering from the three mango trees by my house grew a bit louder. “Come away with Me,” came the Lord’s gentle whisper. “Come away with Me before you start this day.”

It’s a whisper I look forward to hearing, one that calls my heart and mind to a place of deep, deep peace. I swung my legs over the side of my bed, quickly got ready, and grabbed for my headphones and keys as I walked out the door. Then I hopped in the truck and drove out of town just a few minutes to get up to the reservoir overlooking the mountains. This is one of my places of peace and perspective. It’s where I go when I just need to step away for a moment. Holy ground, a sacred space for me and the Lord to walk, listen, and just be.

Worship music on, I closed my eyes for a moment, soaking in the words that came singing through my headphones.

“You are who You say You are. You do what You say You’ll do.

So my heart will trust Your heart. I know that I know You’ll come through.”

As I walked back and forth along the road over the reservoir and watched the sun begin to rise over the mountains, I whispered into the air, “From the rising sun to the setting sun, You are who You say You are and You do what You say You’ll do. It’s who You are. You can be trusted and there are generations of testimonies that prove again and again Your faithfulness. I have a lifetime of stories too. Thank You Jesus.”

Isn’t it incredible how much our Father cares for us, that He takes time to whisper to our hearts, “Come away with Me”? Yet it’s so easy for me sometimes to ignore this whisper and trade away these precious moments for the hustle and bustle of the to-do list and demands of others in front of me.

These days have been filled with digging deep, deep wells of trust. As a ministry, we’ve been walking into some places the Lord has called us, completely unsure of how things are going to come together. But we know that we know the Lord has called us to go there, and He is taking us on a journey of ridiculous faith!

It doesn’t make sense.
It seems impossible.
It sounds a little crazy.

All are phrases that describe so well the things we’re feeling, but God. It’s the place we keep coming back to. It’s the place we fix our eyes to keep our feet from falling from these crazy heights we’re walking on. There are so many stories the Lord continually floods my mind with—stories of crazy faith and ridiculous trust, yet one thing was always the same. God always did what He said He would do! One way or another, He always came through.

How crazy must Isaac have felt to sow seeds into the dry and empty fields in a year of famine? Yet the Lord blessed him and he reaped a hundred-fold!

How crazy must Moses have felt standing at the edge of the Red Sea raising his staff over the waters with the Egyptian army in pursuit of him and the Israelites? Yet as Moses raised his arms the Lord pushed back the sea for them to walk through on dry ground, and then had the waters sweep up the Egyptian army that pursued them!

How crazy must Joshua have felt leading the Israelites up to the fortified city of Jericho only to tell them the Lord had commanded them to march around the 20 foot thick walls one lap each day for 6 days, and then on the seventh day take 7 laps and shout? Yet every day the people marched and heaven moved on their behalf!

That last story is one I’ve been camped out in a lot these days. What must have gone through the peoples’ minds as they marched around those impenetrable walls? How many times did guards along the city walls shout mockingly at them? How tired were their feet on day seven from circling lap after lap after lap? What must it have felt like? But then came lap 7.

These days, in a lot of ways, have felt like our lap 7. And it’s as if the Lord is shouting out, “You have strength for one more! You’re closer to victory than you know. Don’t stop, don’t give up! You have it in you—Trust Me!”

Friends, you may be closer to victory than you know! And maybe today you need to tune into that gentle whisper of the Lord saying, “Come away with Me. I want to fill your heart with hope and your mind with peace. You’re closer than you know!”

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